Dr Frank O Agada

Senior Adviser on Health

Dr Agada specializes in healthcare delivery, governance and strategy. As a trained Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, in the United Kingdom, Dr Agada has a deep understanding of best practice in healthcare delivery in the frontline. He is well travelled and has significant experience in the management of health-related issues in developing countries, having spent significant time training and working in Nigeria and Ghana. Dr Agada has also spent some time visiting the USA and has had the opportunity of observing medical practice at John Hopkins, Baltimore and other New York Hospitals. With shifting population and growing diversity of health needs, as well as increasing pressure on limited budgets, Dr Agada leads the Kings Goodman Health care advisory team made up of world class health experts. Dr Agada provides strategic advisory services on health care delivery and management systems. He has over 35 peer review publications and has written chapters in several textbooks. Dr Agada is very passionate on health care delivery and sustainability.

Dr Agada offers extensive experience to the Kings and Goodman healthcare advisory team. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and has experience on the frontline of healthcare management in developing countries. His focus is on realising effective delivery and sustainability.