Service without compromise.

Kings + Goodman provides a unique form of business and management consulting services and strategic experience that deliver solutions that are measurable, compelling and enduring. Kings + Goodman provides services to clients in government, public and private sector institutions, multinational companies, small to medium scale companies, non-for profit organizations and several individuals.

Specialising in:

Business Services

Kings and Goodman has pre-existing partnerships with companies that specialise in professional and client based services. Working hand-in-hand we develop globalisation strategies, sustainable growth strategies, risk management, corporate finance and restructuring, in-country business management services and frameworks that propel superior commercial outcome.


Kings and Goodman provides a value based approach to the healthcare sector. Striving to deliver effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. Our expertise apply across the health management sector and include health delivery services, medical devices, hospital projects, strategic reforms, advisory services and healthcare project delivery.

Public Sector

Kings and Goodman designs, promotes and facilitates the implementation of public sector projects in the face of growing governance, environmental and geopolitical challenges. Our specialisation includes strategic policy and regulatory services, legal and regulatory framework development and management, good governance and best practices management, strategic planning, program and reform management, public-private partnership, business process reengineering, monitoring and evaluation, organizational and institutional development and capacity building and training within the public sector.


Kings and Goodman focus are constantly responding to the changing demands facing agriculture due to globalisation and growing challenges of the environment and global markets. To ensure effective agricultural strategies both private and public sector are partnered with to design policy and regulatory framework, review strategy and programs and encourage growth and sustainability using technological and strategic innovation. The focal point is on agribusiness and distribution sectors in Africa.

Power & Utilities

Kings and Goodman works with oil, gas, power and water companies to transform, grow and adapt to adapt to more competitive utilities and global innovations. Our goal is to provide advisory services, risk management and cost reduction strategies that are innovative and comprehensive.

Mining & Resources

Kings and Goodman provides strategic support for mining companies and stakeholders in Africa. These services extend from market entry, licence acquisition, operational transformation and development of infrastructure for both above and below operations. We extend these services to include the development of CSR and community development projects for both public and private sectors.

Trade & Investment

Kings and Goodman consistently assesses the implications of trade, investment and economic policy in order to effectively provide legal, regulatory and financial support to both public and private players. Our aim is to optimise opportunities for growth in rapidly changing and expanding markets.

Financial Services

Kings and Goodman focuses on building growth through sustained capabilities and strategic innovation in an increasingly uncertain financial environment. Our focus on value creation also ensures expansionary and regulatory considerations are taken into account.

Developmental Services

Kings and Goodman offers specialised expertise in developing countries by way of designing, promoting, facilitating and strategically implementing developmental projects that drive social and economic change. These services are provided at both a local level, as well as to government and regional organizations.


Kings and Goodman provides support to both the public sector and private organisations in planning and executing major infrastructure projects across the African continent. These projects become critical driving factors in facilitating the economic growth in the region and aim to include all stakeholders in the community


Kings and Goodman understand the importance and value of an effective education sector and identify quality and strategic improvements for both public and private sector organisations across the sector.